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Erdemir Relies on Danieli Technology for New Slab Inspection and Grinding Plant

Erdemir, part of Oyak Group, awarded the turnkey supply contract to Danieli Centro Maskin for a complete inspection and conditioning plant, to be installed at Zonguldak, Turkey.

It will process approximately 400,000 tpy of slabs in ultra-low, low- and medium-carbon and alloy steel grades.

The grinding plant consists of a SuperGrinder and a lateral unit for edge and corner grinding, featuring HiGrind digital system for control of grinding depth and safety functions, the E-Cube system for grinding at variable, stepless angles, and the Cast-t-Grind system for processing hot slabs up to 800 °C.

Based on acquisition and rendering of 3D images, the IntelliGrind system will ensure automatic detection and classification of surface defects by artificial intelligence and training of the neural network.

Source: Danieli Group

Red Danieli Wirerod Machine

Danieli to Supply Two New H3 Wirerod Mills in Russia

Two new High-productivity, High-quality and High-efficiency H3 rolling mills will be installed and put into operation in Russia during 2020. AEMZ – Abinsk Electric Steel Works Ltd. ordered a new 600,000-tpy H3 wirerod line to be installed at Abinsk, in the Krasnodar region, to produce wirerod coils (5.5- to 16-mm-dia smooth rounds; 6- to 12-mm-dia quenched and microalloyed rebar) for construction purposes, welding wire and CHQ grades.

NPZ – Novorossiysk Rolling Plant LLC ordered a new 500,000-tpy H3 wirerod mill to be installed at Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region, to roll 150×150 billets into 5.5 to 16-mm-dia wirerod and deformed wirerod in coils weighing up to 2.1 tons.

Depending on customer requirements, Danieli H3 mills operate at over 100 m/sec, and consist of ESS Energy Saving System cantilever-type and SHS housingless stands and fast-finishing blocks.

The Danieli Structure Control System includes a water-cooling line suitable for wirerod quenching and controlled cooling, whilst Oil-Film Bearing loop-laying head, Rotary Reforming Tube and Easy-Down System guarantee perfect coil pattern.

Danieli H3 mills typically are supplied along with Danieli Centro Combustion reheating furnaces equipped with the latest-generation, ultra-low NOx emission, flat MAB flameless burners.

Danieli Automation provides process control, power and instrumentation like medium-voltage Q-DRIVE, HiPROFILE LITE and HiSECTION measuring devices for in-line tracking and product monitoring, and the HiLINE optical system for rolling guides set-up, and for rolls and guides alignment of the fast finishing blocks.

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Danieli GFG Alliance signing ceremony

Danieli Technology Partner for GFG Alliance

New structural and rail mill project in Australia

Danieli has struck a new partnership with GFG Alliance for the design and construction of a new high-tech rail and section mill at the Whyalla Steelworks.

The new 750,000-tpy structural and rail heavy section mill will be an environmentally friendly facility that will increase the Steelworks production capacity, reduce waste and enable GFG ’s Liberty Primary Steel to lift product capability and improve its competitive advantage.

The mill will be equipped with the RH2 system, the Danieli patented process for rail hardening that enhances mechanical properties of high-speed rails through multi-immersion steps into a quenchant.

The project will be executed in two phases. The first phase foresees Danieli to work in combination with AAR TEE Ferretti International for turnkey construction and auxiliaries, and the Liberty team to develop the engineering stage.

The second phase will consist of equipment design, manufacturing, supplying and commissioning to reach the goal of hot commissioning in the following 18 months.

The Australian government paid much attention to the project. The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, the Federal Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten, the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall, and the Mayor of Whyalla City Clare McLaughlin attended the signing ceremony.

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AST Terni, Thyssenkrupp Group, Chooses Danieli EAF Technological Packages

Aiming to lower electrodes consumption, AST Terni, part of ThyssenKrupp Group, recently awarded Danieli Centro Met with the order for two Q-Smartec dynamic EAF electrode cooling systems.

Q-Smartec is a proven technology installed on almost 30 plants worldwide, that applies dynamic and independent control of the cooling water flow during the EAF operating phase to achieve the most efficient electrode cooling. This allows a drastic reduction of electrodes consumption related to air oxidation, up to 15% compared to conventional electrode cooling systems.

Considering the actual cost of electrodes a typical ROI is between two and six months, depending on production capacities.

With a production capacity of 1 Mtpy, Italian steelmaker AST Terni is a world leader in the production of stainless steel flat products in all sizes and finishes for a wide variety of applications.

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Nucor & Danieli

Danieli QSP® – Quality Strip Production to Upgrade Nucor Steel Gallatin

The partnership of Nucor and Danieli teams will bring the Gallatin casting and rolling plant to the next level of high-quality production and competitiveness. This is the first time that a classical compact thin slab casting and rolling plant is fully reconfigured into an ultra-modern QSP® (Quality Strip Production) plant.

Both Nucor and Danieli teams are committed to set a new benchmark in Casting and Rolling Technology. Formerly known as the Gallatin Steel Company, the thin slab rolling plant located in Ghent, KY has a name plate capacity of 1.6 million shTPY of hot rolled coils having a thickness range from 1.4 to 12.7 mm, widths up to 1,625 mm and maximum coil weight of 35 shTon.

The existing plant operates a 185 t twin shell DC EAF, a single LMF, a vertical caster, 206 m tunnel furnace, a six-stand close-coupled rolling mill, traditional laminar cooling and one down coiler. The current capabilities of the steel plant are mostly structural steel, micro-alloyed grades and thin line pipe grades. Like similar compact plants, Gallatin was originally designed for doubling the annual capacity by means of a second meltshop, second vertical caster and tunnel furnace connected by a swivel ferry system to the in-line HSM.

The new equipment was originally meant to be a copy of the existing one. In October 2014, Nucor became the owner of the Gallatin Steel Company and has recently approved an investment to advance the technological capabilities and competitiveness of the Nucor Steel Gallatin Sheet Mill. Danieli is the selected technology supplier for the complete equipment and automation system, from raw materials to hot rolled coil.

In full partnership spirit, the Nucor and Danieli team of specialists agreed to re-engineer the plant by changing the original concept into an advanced QSP® plant having improved thermomechanical rolling capabilities thereby expanding production of AHSS grades, API line pipe steel grades and a number of other value added grades.

The revamped plant includes a high performance DC EAF and Twin LMF, and future provision for vacuum degassing. Being equipped with state of the art technology, the new meltshop will make use of the most recent process management tools, including Q-MELT, which is a key aspect to optimizing the transformation costs. After the upgrade, the complete production will be delivered by a single strand vertical curved caster having a total capacity of up to 3.0 million shTPY. The new caster represents the 5th generation of Danieli high production slab casting machines.

The slab will be delivered to the rolling mill by a new tunnel furnace via a swivel-type ferry system. The layout allows for the installation of the new caster and first portion of the tunnel furnace and swivel system without affecting the mill’s production. Furthermore, two new roughing mills will be added to expand rolling capabilities. The six-stands finishing mill will be retained but will be widened and upgraded with new interstand guides, loopers and new bending and shifting system. This will enable rolling strips as wide as 1,870 mm.

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MEPS Expects Global Steel Production to Increase by 4.6 Percent in 2018

Danieli Steelmaking

Chinese Steelmakers Prefer Danieli Casting Technology for Quality and Productivity

Two more orders from Valin Xiangtan and Hengyang Valin Steel Tube

Following recent orders from Maanshan Iron & Steel for a new bloom caster and Huaigang Special Steel for a caster upgrade with the Q-SOFT technological package, another two Chinese top steel producers, Valin Xiangtan and Hengyang Valin Steel Tube, chose Danieli casting technology to improve their steelmaking plants.

Valin Xiangtan awarded Danieli with the order for a new bloom caster to be installed in their Hunan steelmaking facility. It will be a 14-m radius, 5-strand machine for 280×280-mm and 350×430-mm blooms in a variety of special carbon steel grades, from low carbon up to high carbon, such as bearing steel. The caster will be equipped with two electro-magnetic stirring systems, soft and hard reduction packages, and run by Danieli Automation L1 and L2 systems. The Liquid Pool Control (LPC) system will provide accurate and balanced secondary cooling, with controlled stirring and reduction processes for each type of steel produced.

Hengyang Valin Steel Tube ordered “Eco Power Moulds” to increase caster productivity.

Eco Power Mould is the latest evolution of Danieli Power Mould technology which allows fast casting thanks a highly efficient thermal exchange.

The installation of this revolutionary mould will allow Hengyang Valin to enlarge the casting section and increase productivity without adding an additional strand.

Further, this solution will allow Hengyang Valin to incur lower CapEx and a short shutdown.

The revamping project also will include the supply of spiral-design, secondary cooling system for more uniform and gentle heat removal, and the Danieli Automation Q-Mould package to monitor the status of the mould and oscillation to continue guaranteeing top-quality cast blooms.

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MEPS Expects Global Steel Production to Increase by 4.6 Percent in 2018