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Clean rolling oil for bright strips

As part of an upgrade of its 20-roll cold rolling mill “SG 3” in Krefeld, Germany, Outokumpu Nirosta GmbH Krefeld has placed a follow-up order with SMS group ( covering the revamp of the existing rolling-oil treatment plant.

Ready for new tasks: the SMS 20-roll cold rolling mill at Outokumpu Nirosta GmbH Krefeld.

Example of a rolling-oil treatment plant using a SUPAFINE® filter system.
The Outokumpu group is one of the world’s leading producers of high-grade stainless steels. The 20-roll cold rolling mill “SG 3” in monoblock design built by SMS group is more than 45 years old. It is used for the production of high-grade stainless steel strip. In September 2014, Outokumpu Nirosta had placed an order with SMS group for upgrading the rolling mill equipment, allowing this mill to be used also for rolling ferritic grades in thin gages and high-gloss quality (2R bright annealed). In March 2015, SMS group received a follow-up order from Outokumpu Nirosta encompassing the upgrade of the rolling-oil treatment plant, making it suitable for the production of these high-gloss grades. A part of the equipment will be retained and continued to be used. Key equipment to be newly installed includes a dirty-oil tank with automatic pre-separation and the ultra-fine filter system SUPAFINE® developed by SMS. In future, vertical filter pumps will convey the rolling oil containing contaminations from the rolling process out of the dirty-oil tank to the SUPAFINE® filter system, where it will be cleaned. The cleaned oil will be fed to the clean-oil tank and reused in the rolling mill.

The mixture of rolling oil and abrasive material resulting from the backwashing of the SUPAFINE® filters will be treated in a second filtration stage and the thus recovered rolling oil will be recycled back into the system. The employed backwashable SUPAFINE® filter elements achieve an extremely high filtration grade without requiring any filter aids – and hence without the otherwise arising high consumables and disposal costs.

Customers around the world are convinced of the performance and economic efficiency of the SMS group’s SUPAFINE® filter system, as is proved by the fact that as many as 210 SUPAFINE® filter units have already been installed worldwide.

As requested by Outokumpu Nirosta, SMS will perform and complete the work on the mechanical equipment of the mill stand and on the rolling-oil treatment plant within a very tight time schedule in the course of this year, guaranteeing that Outokumpu Nirosta can start producing the desired grades on this mill before the end of the year.

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Qingdao Iron and Steel orders SBQ rolling mill from SMS group

Qingdao Iron and Steel, based in Qingdao, Shandong province, China, has placed an order with SMS group to supply an SBQ (Special Bar Quality) rolling mill. The mill has an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons of special steel. Qingdao is thereby expanding its product portfolio to include high-quality special steels for use in the automotive industry.

Quingdao erhält von SMS einen 3-Walzen Maßwalzblock vom Typ „PSM 380/5“.
“We were impressed by the SMS concept and technical know-how from the very beginning. This special steel mill will enable us to enhance our leading market position even further,” says Liu Tieniu, Deputy General Manager of Qingdao Iron and Steel who is responsible for the construction of the new plant.

SMS is supplying the plant’s core technology, including an up-to-date 3-roll sizing block of type PSM® (Precision Sizing Mill) 380/5, which is capable of rolling all finished dimensions from 16 up to 90 millimeters in diameter.

Thanks to its system of hydraulic adjustment under load, all dimensions can be produced cost-efficiently on the basis of customers’ individual requirements, including even small batch sizes. The 3-roll PSM® is equipped with a MEERgauge® cross-section measuring system and “monitor control technology”. This allows corrections to be made to the finished dimensions while production is still ongoing.

The plant was specially designed for the temperature-controlled rolling of bars. With its ultra-modern cooling sections, five-stand 3-roll PSM® customized cooling processes and high cross-sectional reduction capability, Qingdao is able to produce high-quality end products with excellent mechanical properties and narrow tolerances at the same time.

The full package of supplies and services is rounded off by the CCT® (Controlled Cooling Technology) system, which was developed by SMS and is used to adjust and control the requisite cooling processes. This ensures that the mechanical properties, such as the tensile strength and toughness as well as the desired microstructure of the end product, are precisely attained. The cooling bed and associated downstream equipment, designed by SMS group, are tailored to the required cooling processes. This includes an integrated quick transport system. The plant design already takes into account the future expansion of the plant to include a coiling line.

Commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015.

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North American Stainless orders stainless steel cold rolling mill and bright annealing line from SMS group

North American Stainless (NAS), U.S.A., a subsidiary of the Spanish Acerinox Group, has contracted SMS group ( for the supply of a 20-roll cold rolling mill and a bright annealing line. NAS is erecting a modern, high-performance production facility for bright-annealed stainless steel strip in Ghent, in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The installed plants will be characterized by high efficiency, flexibility and product quality. The output capacity of the plant will amount to 95,000 tons per year. Commissioning will take place in early 2017.

With this investment, NAS is entering the market for bright-annealed stainless steel. For this material, which is partly imported, there is a market of stable growth in the U.S.A. The cold-rolled stainless steel strip of surface quality BA is characterized by a shiny, reflective appearance. The typical areas of application are household appliances and kitchen utensils. Furthermore, the material is used in many other areas where, in addition to the material properties of stainless steel, high-grade, reflective surfaces are required, for example, in medical engineering and in the transportation industry.

The new plants will manufacture both austenitic and ferritic grades (AISI 200, 300 and 400 series). The end material will be between 600 and 1,350 millimeters wide, and between 0.15 and 1.5 millimeters thick. In addition to the supply of the mechanical, process, furnace, electrical and automation equipment, also the supervision of installation, commissioning support and training of the operating personnel belong to the contract scope. The complete strip steering systems will be supplied by EMG Automation.

The 20-roll cold rolling mill, a Monoblock mill of type MB 22B-54″, will process up to 6.2-millimeter-thick hot strip. The compact and robust plant is characterized by high millstand stiffness. With a maximum rolling speed of 800 meters per minute and a maximum rolling force of 8,000 kN, thickness reductions of up to 90 percent can be achieved. The millstand will be equipped with hydraulic gap control and roll-crown adjustment systems for the B/C and F/G axes and with inner intermediate roll shifting. Also the auxiliary and service facilities are part of the supply scope. For example, the 100 percent regenerative Supafine filter system will ensure environmentally friendly purification and cooling of the rolling oil. The fume exhaust system will also contribute to environmentally friendly plant operation, as it meets the most stringent environmental requirements imposed by the local authorities. In order to reduce non-productive times, an uncoiling group with straightener and crop shear will be integrated in addition to the two reversing coilers.

The bright annealing line will be the highest-performance of its kind in the U.S.A. Here the cold rolled strip will first be cleaned from rolling oil and other contaminants in a two-stage cleaning section. This will be followed by recrystallization annealing in an oxygen-free, inert atmosphere with a high hydrogen content, creating a high-grade, reflective strip surface. A four-high skin pass mill will be integrated into the line for post-treatment, improving not only the surface and flatness of the strips but, thanks to low strain hardening, also the metallurgical characteristics. The downstream tension leveler will perfect the strip flatness. In addition to tension leveling, in case of thin-gage strip, this plant can also operate as a pure stretcher. Subsequently, the strip can be trimmed on both sides. In the entry and exit sections, the strip will achieve a maximum speed of 75 meters per minute, while the maximum speed in the process section will be 50 meters per minute.

The technological highlight of the bright annealing line is the entirely electrically powered vertical furnace from Drever, a company of SMS group. Thanks to the furnace’s high operating efficiency, the energy consumption, at approx. 220 kilowatt hours per ton, is 60 percent lower than in a conventional design with a muffle furnace. Furthermore, the shorter heating section enables the bay height to be reduced by 50 percent. The high efficiency is achieved by means of direct heating via electrical heating elements and dynamic annealing at up to 1,250 degrees Celsius. The annealing process takes place in a pressurized inert atmosphere (up to 90 percent hydrogen). This ensures a low dew point and produces an immaculately reflective surface. A special strip stabilization system allows contactless positioning of the strip, preventing surface damage. The total furnace construction is made gas tight. Special sealing elements at the entry and exit minimize losses. In order to keep the hydrogen requirement low, a recycling unit will be integrated to condition the used hydrogen and return it to the process. For strip cooling, the furnace will be fitted with two inert gas recirculation units. To maximize production and minimize resource consumption, all process parameters will be adjusted automatically based on a mathematical model.

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EVRAZ North America Announces $200 Million Investment in Regina Facility

Regina, Sask. (March 31, 2015) – EVRAZ North America announced today that it will make its largest single investment – approximately $200 million – at its Regina, Sask., facility. Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall, Saskatchewan Minister of the Economy Bill Boyd, Regina Mayor Michael Fougere, EVRAZ and Enbridge executives, and local dignitar-ies participated in the announcement event.

“This investment will secure our position as the highest quality, lowest cost integrated producer of large diameter pipe in North America,” said Conrad Winkler, EVRAZ North America President and CEO. “We greatly appreciate the Government of Saskatchewan’s role in working with us on issues facing primary steel production, in helping to create a favourable business environment, and in providing an important tax incentive for new investment in the recent provincial budget. It also allows EVRAZ to provide stability and long-term viability for more than 1,000 employees at the Regina mill as we continue to meet increasingly stringent industry standards and supply our customers with 100% ‘Made in Canada’ pipe.”

“Not only did the budget avoid any tax increases, we also wanted to provide an incentive for new job creation in export manufacturing and processing and so we are very pleased to see EVRAZ respond to these revenue neutral incentives with a $200 million invest-ment that will create about 40 new jobs,” said Premier Brad Wall.

Spanning the next two years the investment, which is being entirely funded by EVRAZ North America, will include installation of a new two-step large diameter line pipe mill (primarily from assets recently purchased from United Spiral Pipe LLC). It will enable the production of larger, thicker-wall pipe and increase annual production capacity by over 100,000 tons. EVRAZ is also making state-of-the-art upgrades in steelmaking including degassing and the ability to make larger steel slab sizes. Additionally, the power and size of its rolling mill will be increased to make thicker, wider steel coils.

EVRAZ and Enbridge also announced that the two companies will partner on a joint re-search and development program to enhance pipeline performance. Along with industry and academic institutions, EVRAZ and Enbridge will help drive continuous improvement with the ultimate aim of optimizing industry-wide safety and reliability.

“EVRAZ has the largest pipe Research and Development Centre in North America and it has played an important role in Canadian steel advances since 1982,” Winkler said. “Now we will combine our experience with that of Enbridge to further augment the per-formance of large diameter pipe.”

“The pipe we put in the ground is at the heart of our business. Over the next three years, we’ll build more than $22 billion of pipelines to open new markets for Canadian produc-ers – that requires certainty of the highest quality steel, available when it’s needed. EVRAZ is a proven partner and we’ve built a long term relationship on our shared com-2 / 2

mitment to making safety and quality the highest priorities, and to investing in communi-ties,” said Al Monaco, President and CEO, Enbridge Inc. “Today’s announcement is a great example of the economic benefits energy infrastructure projects create along the energy value chain and in communities.”

Large diameter line pipe is integral to oil and natural gas distribution, and EVRAZ has produced more than 51,000 kilometres (32,000 miles) of project pipe from millions of tons of recycled metal over its 59 years in Regina. The Regina site and its employees currently contribute about $30 million per year to the federal and provincial economy in direct taxes. EVRAZ also creates another $600 million per year in economic benefit through the purchase of raw materials, goods and services.

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Zhejiang Kingland puts spiral pipe plant from PWS into operation

Zhejiang Kingland Pipe Industry, based in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, has successfully commissioned a spiral pipe plant supplied by PWS ( With its use of “PERFECT® arc” the plant meets Ecoplants criteria in terms of sustainability and offers energy savings of up to 30 percent compared to competitor plants. What’s more, productivity is increased by up to 20 percent.

Shaping and high-speed tack-welding of a pipe.
The plant comprises a spiral pipe forming and tack-welding machine for forming and pre-welding hot rolled steel strip as well as three downstream offline finish-welding stands. It has a capacity of 200,000 tons per year. Zhejiang Kingland is able to extend the spiral pipe welding plant by a fourth finish-welding stand and thus increase capacity to 260,000 tons per year.

The newly developed “PERFECT® arc” welding current sources are used for the welding machinery. No transformers are required here, the systems are operated using IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) power electronics, with the welding current completely digitally controlled. As a result the welding machines can attain an efficiency rate of over 90 percent. Compared to older welding techniques energy savings are up to 30 percent, depending on the operating point. In addition, productivity is increased by up to 20 percent, while process stability remains consistent.

Another benefit is the reduced transfer of heat into the pipe. For this purpose, the process parameters are adapted for each individual welding wire, in order to prevent unnecessary heat being transferred into the pipe material. This is particularly important for high-strength steels.

Zhejiang Kingland uses its offline spiral pipe welding plant to produce pipes to API 5-L PS2 standard with an outside diameter of 508 to 1,626 millimeters (equivalent to 20 to 64 inches) and wall thicknesses of 6.35 to 25.4 millimeters (equivalent to 1/4 to 1 inch). The pipes are 8 to 12.5 meters in length. The plant processes high-strength steels up to API grade X100.

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Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel commissions the successfully revamped 80-ton Duplex RH-TOP plant No. 1 from SMS Mevac

After the successful commissioning of the new 80-ton Duplex RH-TOP plant No. 2 (Ruhrstahl Heraeus process) in last April, Taigang Group International Trade Co., Ltd., and the plant operator Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (TISCO), both located in Taiyuan, China, have successfully revamped and commissioned the existing 80-ton Duplex RH-TOP plant No. 1.

SMS Mevac, Germany ( supplied the new RH plant and revamped the existing one in cooperation with its consortium partner SMS Siemag Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel can now use both 80-ton RH-TOP plants for the refining of various high-quality steel grades with low levels of hydrogen. The plants will primarily be used for the treatment of steel for electric sheet production.

In both plants, the vacuum is generated by a four-stage steam-ejector vacuum pump with variable pressure reduction (RH-SC) for optimized process control.

SMS Mevac’s scope of supply for this project included nearly the complete basic engineering, the main part of the detail engineering, the delivery of key components for the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment, the complete level-1 and level-2 automation systems as well as supervision of installation and commissioning.

Source: SMS Group

SMS Mevac RH-TOP plant in operation.

SMS Mevac GmbH is a company of the SMS group which, under the roof of the SMS Holding GmbH, consists of a group of global players in machinery and plant construction in steel and nonferrous metals processing. Its workforce of more than 13,800 employees generates sales worldwide totaling EUR 3.5 billion. is not responsible for the content of third party sites.