Order for the Reline of ArcelorMittal Zenica Blast Furnace No. 4

Project will increase working volume by nearly 15 %

Danieli Corus and ArcelorMittal have signed a contract for the reline of the Blast Furnace No. 4 operated by ArcelorMittal at their integrated plant in Zenica, Bosnia Hercegovina. This contract follows a number of successful blast furnace and hot blast system repair projects completed by Danieli Corus in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany.

After the reline, the furnace will have a 2003 m³ working volume, which is an increase from the existing 1765 m³. From the tuyere band upwards, the furnace will be rebuilt in-kind to its current design based on stave cooling. The hearth refractory and part of the hearth shell will be replaced based on a new design by Danieli Corus. Outside the furnace, portions of refractories in the hot blast main, bustle pipe and trough and runner systen will be replaced.

During the project, an Above Burden Probe with ancillary instrumentation and automation systems will be installed following the very satisfactory performance of such a system implemented by Danieli Corus in 2016 at a plant operated by ArcelorMittal elsewhere.

Finally, a thermocouple system for thermal monitoring of the furnace lining will be installed under this contract and Danieli Corus will provide operational assistance services during blow-down, salamander tapping and blow-in. The furnace reline is scheduled to take place during the first quarter of 2018.

Source: Danieli

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