In order to ensure the steelmaking future of the Asturias province in Spain, ArcelorMittal decided to invest into the reconstruction and modernisation of the coking plant at its Gijon works, which has been out of operation since 2013.

In the context of this extensive project, Paul Wurth has been awarded with the engineering, supply of key equipment as well as erection and commissioning supervision services for the rebuild of two coke oven batteries and the modernisation of the adjacent by-product plants.

In particular, for the coke oven batteries, featuring 45 ovens each and designed to produce 1.1 million tons of coke per year, Paul Wurth will supply the refractory material and assume the battery heating-up services.

For the by-product plants, including coke oven gas desulphurisation, Paul Wurth will be in charge of the overall engineering and supply of key equipment. Moreover, Paul Wurth has been awarded with the turnkey installation of a Claus plant for sulfur removal and a strong water plant.

By integrating Best Available Techniques (BAT) the customer will ensure compliance with the strictest environmental requirements. With the restart its cokemaking plant scheduled for end 2019, ArcelorMittal Asturias will be able to produce on one and the same site the coke needed for the operation of its two local blast furnaces.

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