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Ruifeng Orders Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line from SMS Group

350,000 tons per year of galvanized steel strip for the Chinese construction and home appliances industries.

Ruifeng (Shandong Ruifeng Stainless Steel Co.), China, has selected SMS group to supply a continuous hot-dip galvanizing line for steel strip, which is to be erected in Binzhou in the Chinese province of Shandong and is scheduled to start production in the second half of 2019. The new galvanizing line will enable Ruifeng to anneal and galvanize 350,000 tons annually of cold strip that is produced on the company’s own pickling line/tandem mill. To protect it against corrosion the strip will be coated with a layer of zinc or aluminum-zinc. The material will mainly be used for applications in the construction industry and to produce home appliances.

The line is to be completely supplied by SMS group. All mechanical and process-technological components, including furnace and air-knife system, as well as all electrical and automation systems are part of SMS group’s package, too. Also included in the scope of supply is the supervision of erection and commissioning.

The strips to be processed in the line will first run through a cleaning section including electrolytic cleaning segment. Subsequent heat treatment will be accomplished in a horizontal Drever furnace with direct-fired zone and radiant-tube zone. In addition, a DUMA-BANDZINK BASIC Jet air-knife system for the homogeneous and precise thickness setting of the zinc layer will be integrated to meet even extremely high surface quality demands. To be able to coat the strips with both aluminum-zinc or zinc, it is planned to install a change system with two zinc pots. For post-treatment, the line will be equipped with a skin-pass stand, a tension leveler and two vertical roll coaters, as well as an oiling machine in the exit section.

The hot-dip galvanizing line will be designed to process strips up to 1,350 millimeters wide and between 0.30 and 2.0 millimeters thick. The maximum strip speed during the galvanizing process will be 180 meters per minute, whereas in the entry and exit sections maximum speed may reach up to 240 meters per minute. The product range will comprise commercial grades and deep-drawing grades, among others.

Source:  SMS Group

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Finishing mill to be equipped with modern actuators for setting strip geometry

SMS group has received from ArcelorMittal Atlantique et Lorraine an order for the modernization of the hot strip mill at Dunkirk, France. The modernization covers the installation of the CVC®plus bending and shifting system, of new drive spindles in all finishing stands, and the installation of a new PCFC® system (Profile Contour and Flatness Control). This modernization provides the hot strip mill with a powerful actuator for influencing the strip geometry and prepares the mill for future challenges.The CVC®plus system with integrated work-roll bending system of SMS group is the worldwide leading technology for the setting of hot strip profile, contour and flatness and is used in more than 400 hot strip mill stands all over the world. On the basis of the process parameters, PCFC® calculates for every strip the correct shifting position of the work rolls, which are provided with a special barrel grind, and the setting values of the work-roll bending system. This way the roll gap is ideally adapted to the changing conditions and the mill can produce strip with close geometrical tolerances. The drive spindles for ArcelorMittal’s Dunkirk mill will be SIEFLEX® toothed universal joint shafts.

Modernization will be implemented in three steps. PCFC® will be installed as early as at the end of 2017 and operate in parallel with the existing control system. This so-called shadow mode makes it possible to check all functions of the PCFC®, the inter-play with the automation environment, and allows adaptation to the products of ArcelorMittal Dunkirk. In the end, this way of proceeding guarantees a smooth start-up of the new system. This start-up of the PCFC® will take place after the installation of the new bending and shifting systems in the first four stands during the annual shutdown scheduled for August 2018. The modernization of stands F5 to F7 will follow one year later.

With this order, ArcelorMittal and SMS group continue their good cooperation in the modernization of the hot strip mill at Dunkirk. In the period between 2010 and 2014 SMS group replaced a total of nine main gear units of the roughing mill (R2 to R5) and the finishing mill (F1 to F5). Only some months back, at the end of 2016, SMS group had successfully completed the modernization of ArcelorMittal’s hot strip mill at Ghent, Belgium.

SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. It has some 13,500 employees who generate worldwide sales of more than EUR 3 billion. The sole owner of the holding company SMS GmbH is the Familie Weiss Foundation.

Source: SMS Group

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Moon Iron & Steel commissions SMS group with the supply of a complete minimill

Oman-based Moon Iron & Steel Co. S.A.O.C. (MISCO) has contracted SMS group to build a new rebar production minimill. The new steel complex, the first of its kind in the Middle East region, is being built in Sohar Industrial Estate, Sultanate of Oman, and operation will commence in 2018.The steelworks, featuring a 140-t AC electric arc furnace, a 140-t ladle furnace, and a five-strand continuous billet caster, is able to produce 1.2 million tons per year of billets, out of which 1.1 million tons per year are rolled into rebars from eight to 40 millimeters. The fully-continuous rolling line is equipped with fourteen stands arranged in horizontal and vertical configuration followed by two high-speed finishing blocks with six “V” type mill stands each. The roughing and intermediate trains are designed as HL housingless stands. The “V” blocks are specifically designed for highly efficient and productive finish-rolling of rebars up to 50 meters per second. The high-speed delivery system HSD® enables to roll material at speeds of 41 meters per second.

“Paramount among the requirements were the lowest possible energy consumption as well as minimal emissions”, said Mr. Sasikumar Moorkanat, MISCO CEO. The response to this challenge is SMS group developed CMT® mill (Continuous Mill Technology). CMT® has taken the basic minimill concept one step forward: The direct linking of the rolling mill with the steelworks guarantees short distances. Rolling takes place without time lag by exploiting the casting heat. CO2-intensive reheating furnaces can be dispensed with. Instead of an oil- or gas-fired furnace, an inductive heating system is employed. This system does not reheat the billets but only equalizes the temperature profile. The induction heater gives you perfect control of the starting temperature for the rolling mill – according to the billet speed. This solution requires much lower investment costs. By eliminating the complete reheating stage, energy costs and the impact on the environment are markedly reduced.

Furthermore, SMS group supply covers also the complete electrical and automation package that includes Level-1 and Level-2 process control. In addition to seamlessly integrating the process functional units, with the implementation of the state-of-the-art process solutions already highlighted, the automation system will allow MISCO to meet all possible market demands with built-in capabilities for plant-wide production planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting.

Source: SMS group

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SMS group was granted the final acceptance for the first 3-roll precision sizing mill (PSM®) in Korea in operation at Hyundai Steel

After successful installation and commissioning of the 3-roll PSM® (Precision Sizing Mill) into the existing bar mill in Pohang already early this year, the Korean producer, Hyundai Steel, now granted SMS group the final acceptance.

The 3-roll precision sizing mill PSM® 380/5 supplied by SMS group will be used to roll purely SBQ grades in the diameter range from 25 to 83 millimeters onto the existing cooling bed.

The scope of supply of the PSM® included the mechanical and electrical equipment, the automation system and the complete equipment for the roll workshop.

The PSM® is characterized by a highly dynamic hydraulic adjustment of the roll gap. The hydraulic adjustment is controlled by the performance module TCS (Technological Control System) and allows adjustment under load and hence fully automatic rolling of very close tolerances for the automotive industry.

Supplemented by the PSM®, Hyundai Steel can now cost-effectively roll any steel grade even in very small lots of different sizes.

With this investment in the latest 3-roll technology of SMS group, Hyundai Steel is reacting to the high quality demands of the automotive sector.

Source: SMS Group

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Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH places order with SMS group for expansion of bar mill 2

The expansion of bar mill 2 of Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH at the Meitingen site will be completed by SMS group  in the fall of 2017 when the mill will go into production. The scope of supply of SMS group includes a 3-roll precision sizing block (PSM® – Precision Sizing Mill) including the associated roll workshop, a rake-type cooling bed, abrasive cut-off machines and a finishing section. In addition to the mechanical equipment, SMS group also supplies the electrical equipment and the automation system and is also responsible for erection and commissioning.

“The goal of the expansion is to achieve even closer size tolerances of the bars while at the same time increasing the flexibility of the mill. As a result, our reaction to the demands of the market can be faster and in an even more customized manner. We will be able to further boost both yield and quality. The advanced technical solutions offered led us to decide in favor of SMS group,” says Knut Rummler, Technical Director of Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH.

Lech-Stahlwerke are thus reacting to the demands of the automotive industry and also enabling just-in-time delivery of SBQ grades (Special Bar Quality) with optimum surface finish and straightness of the bars. “We are one of the most important suppliers to the automotive industry in Bavaria, and with the new installations from SMS group we will be able to produce safety-relevant steel even more precisely than to date – because we do more than just fulfill our obligations,” says Max Aicher, Board Director of the Max Aicher Foundation.

In future, bar steel in the diameter range from 30 to 80 millimeters will be rolled from a single-pass family on the modern 380/4 PSM® sizing block.

The rolls are adjusted hydraulically with roll gap control under load. The 3-roll block will also be equipped with a MEERgauge® diameter measuring device which, in conjunction with monitor control, allows smooth and automatic operation of the PSM®.

The downline plant configuration with rake-type cooling bed, abrasive cut-off machines and finishing section will enable Lech-Stahlwerke to further process its whole product spectrum for bar steel (30 to 130 millimeters round) and square hollow sections (50 to 120 millimeters) and to further optimize the in-house logistics process.

Source: SMS Group

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SMS group revamps galvanizing furnace of AM/NS Calvert

SMS group has received an order to provide additional equipment for a galvanizing furnace installed in the Calvert plant of AM/NS in Alabama, U.S.A. The equipment will be retrofitted to the hot-dip galvanizing line No. 3 (HDGL3) erected by SMS group. The modification will enable the furnace to process 3rd generation Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). This order was awarded to Drever International, a company of SMS group.  The supply scope consists of additional seal roll assemblies, new deflector roll boxes, induction heaters, a partitioning section, a final cooling section and an exit section with a hot bridle. The installation will give AM/NS Calvert the possibility to apply the quench and partitioning process, which allows a two-step thermal treatment. The equipment will be installed and commissioned at the end of 2016.

The SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. Its 14,000 employees generate sales of over EUR 3.3 bn.

Source: SMS Group

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